1) Communicating Astronomy to Special Needs Audiences
(pages 12 – 15, in Communicating Astronomy with the Public Journal)
Amelia Ortiz-Gil, Miquel Gomez Collado, Silvia Martinez Nuñez, Pere Blay, Jose Carlos Guirado, A.Teresa Gallego Calvente, Mariana Lanzara
2) The Universe for all to discover
(in Highlights of Spanish Astrophysics VIII, Proceedings of the XI Scientific Meeting of the Spanish Astronomical Society held on September 8–12, 2014, in Teruel, Spain)
Amelia Ortiz-Gil, Fernando Ballesteros, Hector Espinosa, Alberto Fernandez-Soto, Mariana Lanzara, Maria Jesus Moya, and Javier Navarro
3) A fascinating adventure: astronomical activities for people with disabilities during IYA 2009
(in Highlights of Spanish Astrophysics VI, Proceedings of the IX Scientific Meeting!of the Spanish Astronomical Society held on September 13-17, 2010, in Madrid, Spain)
A. Ortiz-Gil, P. Blay, A. T. Gallego Calvente3, M. Gomez Collado, J. C. Guirado, M. Lanzara, and S. Martinez Nunez
1) Astronomy and Disability: What is Essential is Invisible to Eye
(in Auger Meeting, Outreach Group, March 9, 2014)
B. García J. Maya, A. Mancilla, S. Pérez Álvarez, M. Videla,

D. Yelós, A. Cancio
1) Tuning in the Sounds of Space
(retrieved from NASA Education website)
2) Our Cosmic Light
(retrieved from IYL2015 Blog)
3) Observing with Visually Impaired
(retrieved from Galileo Teacher Training Program website)
General Articles
1) Tips for designing scientific figures for color blind readers
(retrieved from somersault18:24 Blog)
2) AccessSTEM
(retrieved from University of Washington website)
3) FingerReader
(retrieved from Fluid Interfaces website)
4) Creating interfaces, creating experiences: Chelsea Cook at TEDxVirginiaTech
(Chelsea Cook is a physics major at Virginia tech. She enjoys astronomy, reading, and creative writing. Her ultimate goal is to become an astronaut who writes poetry in space. In her talk “Creating Interfaces, Creating Experiences,” Chelsea questions how we handle problems and how we can solve them by taking another perspective.)
Useful Websites
1) Astroaccesible
(in Spanish)
2) National Federation of the Blind
(List of resources for the blind and visually impaired in English)
3) American Association of Blind Teachers
(List of resources for the blind and visually impaired in English)
 4) Tactile Picture Books
(3D printed tactile picture books for children with visual impairment and study the scientific and technical questions that arise.)
 5) 3D-prints braille picture books
(Caleb hsus 3D-prints braille picture books for the visually impaired)
 6) Laboratory for Visual Learning (LVL)
(The mission of the Laboratory for Visual Learning (LVL) is to improve the ways technology better helps people. To create compassionate technology: to help technology find its heart.)
Interesting Activities Around the World
(in Spanish)
1) Acción Poética pintó un mural con una frase en braille
2) Pringles: pintan un mural con el sistema braille
 4) Para que lean aún los que no ven
(in French)
5) The Blind, avec des graffitis en braille