sonoUno Home

sonoUno is a User Centered software that allows people with different sensory styles to explore scientific data, visually and by sonorization,
and make science.

This page has 4 buttons that you can access using traditional web access, shortcut keys or voice interaction.

Description of the 4 buttons you can find bellow:

  1. User Manual: links you to the complete description of the software and in different chapters, pesents the description of each functionality.
  2. Installation instructive: links you to the step-by-step instructive to install the software fr different operating systems and provides some examples of good installation. Also has a description of possible error sources.
  3. sonoUno web access: the software can be installed at your own laptop, but also runs under a web-interface environment.
  4. Gallery of data access
  5. GitHub address: links to the web repository to download the last version of the software.