User Manual – Index

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1. Software description

2. Opening de software

3. Items to keep in mind

4. Software functionalities

4.1 Input and output options
4.1.1 Open a file
4.1.2 Erase all marks button
4.1.3 Save files
4.1.4 Exit the sonoUno
4.2 Reproduction options
4.2.1 Abscissa position
4.2.2 Tempo selection
4.2.3 Play and Pause button
4.2.4 Stop button
4.2.5 Mark point button
4.2.6 Delete last mark button
4.3 Data Management options
4.3.1 Data parameters button
4.3.2 Cuts on the abscissa’s axis
4.3.3 Mathematical functions Predefined functions Write functionalities Octave functionalities

4.4 Configuration options
4.4.1 Sound Configurations Special sound configurations

4.4.2 Plot Configurations Styles of the data plot Grid options

4.5 Help options

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