1) Communicating Astronomy to Special Needs Audiences
(pages 12 – 15, in Communicating Astronomy with the Public Journal)
Amelia Ortiz-Gil, Miquel Gomez Collado, Silvia Martinez Nuñez, Pere Blay, Jose Carlos Guirado, A.Teresa Gallego Calvente, Mariana Lanzara
2) The Universe for all to discover
(in Highlights of Spanish Astrophysics VIII, Proceedings of the XI Scientific Meeting of the Spanish Astronomical Society held on September 8–12, 2014, in Teruel, Spain)
Amelia Ortiz-Gil, Fernando Ballesteros, Hector Espinosa, Alberto Fernandez-Soto, Mariana Lanzara, Maria Jesus Moya, and Javier Navarro
3) A fascinating adventure: astronomical activities for people with disabilities during IYA 2009
(in Highlights of Spanish Astrophysics VI, Proceedings of the IX Scientific Meeting!of the Spanish Astronomical Society held on September 13-17, 2010, in Madrid, Spain)
A. Ortiz-Gil, P. Blay, A. T. Gallego Calvente3, M. Gomez Collado, J. C. Guirado, M. Lanzara, and S. Martinez Nunez
4) Cosmic sculpture: a new way to visualize the cosmic microwave background
(in European Journal of Physics, Volume 38, Number 1)
D L Clements, S Sato and A Portela Fonseca
5)  Bell3D: An Audio-based Astronomy Education System for Visually-impaired Students
Jamie Ferguson, University of Aberdeen and University of Glasgow, Scotland
in Communicating Astronomy with the Public Journal Issue 20, page 35-39, August 2016
6) The Fabric of the Universe: Exploring the cosmic web in DD prints and woven textiles
by Benedikt Diemer and Isaac Facio, Institute for Theory and Computation, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics,  Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics, The University of Chicago, Department of Fiber and Material Studies, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Department of Textiles, The Art Institute of Chicago
7) Bringing Cosmic Objects Down to Earth: An Overview of 3D Modelling and Printing in Astronomy and Astronomy Communication
(pages 14 – 20, in Communicating Astronomy with the Public Journal)
Kimberly Arcand, Megan Watzke, April Jubett, Peter Edmonds, Kristin DiVona