Expectations and Visions for Working Group 3
International Astronomical Union (IAU) Division C Commission C1 (CC1)
– Astronomy for Equity and Inclusion WG –
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states in its Article 27.1 that “ Everyone has the right freely to participate in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to share in scientific advancement and its benefits."

This Working Group /WG3) seeks to build new strategies, tools, and resources in Astronomy that will facilitate the access to Astronomical resources and careers for people with special educational or physical needs, or those who might be excluded for their particular race or gender.

After reflecting on the tools and resources already existing, the WG will work on new strategies following the Universal Design of Learning, a framework to develop methods and tools accessible to all, ensuring a real inclusion for everyone. We expect to have lively discussions among the WG3 members to identify the key topics that need to be addressed first and the best strategies to accomplish these goals. The new activities proposed by the WG3 will be submitted to IAU’s AstroEDU to be refereed and included in the AstroEDU resources repository.
On equity, the WG3 will gather what is being done in the field and will identify the individuals and organizations that are working on these issues. We will ask the IAU to carry out a full study of the situation in the astronomical communities around the world in order to point out the problems, solutions, and strategies that have been successfully applied or to identify the need for new ones.

A formal declaration on this topic of equity and inclusion will be proposed to the WG3 members. The goal of this declaration is to show to the rest of the community the need for commitment from everyone to achieve real and enduring results. This declaration will be submitted to the IAU for its official endorsement.
1) Invite members of the community with expertise in astronomy, education, disability, cultural heritage and gender and minorities equity.

2) Organize the WG into subgroups according to the particular expertise of each member. Each subgroup will have its own coordinator.
3) Identify the existing tools, resources, and activities in Astronomy for different disabilities to create a database that will show what has been already accomplished in the field.

4) Create a website that will contain the database of resources and all the information about the WG3 (members, activities, results, news, etc.)

5) To support the OAD’s TF3 project on a Global Dictionary of Sign Language. The Dictionary will be available at the WG3 website.
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