Astronomy for Blind or Visually Impaired

1. A Touch of the Universe                             a touch of the universe
2. The Sky at your Fingertips                       the sky at your fingertips
3. From Earth to the Universe                     from earth to the universe
4. Meet our Neighbours!                                 meet our neighbours
5. Touching the Moon                                       touching the moon
6. The Sky in Your Hands                                the sky in your hands
7. Touch the Invisible Sky                              touch the invisible sky
8. The Tactile Carina Nebula                         the tactile carina nebula
9. Space Exploration Experience (SEE)    Space Exploration Experience
10. Touching the sky with the hands            touching the sky with the hands
11. Your weight in other worlds                      your weight in other worlds
12. Surface of Mars                                                the surface of mars
13. 3D Planets                                                          planets in 3D
14. Chandra Podcasts                                           Chandra Podcasts
15. Here, There & Everywhere (HTE)             Here, there and everywhere
16. Reach for the Stars                                        reach for the stars       
17. Tactile Star Charts                                         tactile start charts 
18. A Universe of Notes                                      inclusionwebx2   
19. ALMA Sounds                                                   almasounds  
20. Getting a Feel for Eclipses                           
21. The Fabric of the Universe – exploring the connection between dark matter and woven textiles.
22. 3D Celestial Maps                                           
23. 3D Constellations of Zodiac                                                                       
 – Assistive Software & Tools – 
1. Free screen reader NVDA for Windows
NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access) is a free “screen reader” which enables blind and vision impaired people to use computers. It reads the text on the screen.
2. MathML
Translates numbers and scientific equations and notations to braille and back to text.  Math ML helps to handle equations and scientific notation on the web.
3. Louis Braille Translator
Louis is a free, open source Braille translator for the Mac. It supports forward and back translation, MathML to Nemeth, as well as advanced layout control. Braille files can also be embossed. The program is based off the LibLouis Braille translation library.
4. Conectar Igualdad (Spanish)
Argentinean plan called “Conectar Igualdad”, which distributed, until 2015, one Notebook per student at secondary schools. This resource is for teachers – a guide about blind students and how to use the computer.
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