Useful Websites

 1) Astroaccesible
(in Spanish)
2) National Federation of the Blind
(List of resources for the blind and visually impaired in English)
3) American Association of Blind Teachers
(List of resources for the blind and visually impaired in English)
 4) Tactile Picture Books
(3D printed tactile picture books for children with visual impairment and study the scientific and technical questions that arise.)
 5) 3D-prints braille picture books
(Caleb hsus 3D-prints braille picture books for the visually impaired)
 6) Laboratory for Visual Learning (LVL)
(The mission of the Laboratory for Visual Learning (LVL) is to improve the ways technology better helps people. To create compassionate technology: to help technology find its heart.)
7) Space Science Is for Everyone: Creating and Using Accessible Resources in Educational Settings
A collection of helpful hints and resources based on seven workshops, the expertise of the participants and product testing in classrooms around the United States.
8) Creating Colorblind-Friendly Figures
9) A color-blind friendly palette that also looks good in black and white
10) Tips for designing scientific figures for color blind readers
11) How to create a PDF in accessible format
12) AstroBetter
This page contains information and resources on how to make astronomy accessible to people with disabilities. Please also refer to the wiki page on the accessibility of astronomical institutions.
Register in AstroBetter and help to add content!
13) Chronically Academic
Network of Academics with Disabilities and Chronic Conditions