Payments from abroad


  • Method 1
The preferred method to pay the fee is through TransferWise. It is cheaper, easier and faster than traditional bank transfer. Depending of your country, you may pay through credit card, debit card, or bank transfer. You may find the details of the recipient on item g) of the list below.
If you didn’t use TransferWise before, please follow these instructions (the details may vary depending of your country).
a) Go to
b) Create an account (a standard procedure: email plus password).
c) The first time you log in, you will be asked for some personal data.
d) Choose the amount of money to be transferred and your currency. Also, choose «ARS» (Argentinian pesos) as the recipient currency.
e) Choose the method of payment: card or transfer.
f) Choose «Business or charity» as the new recipient if this choice is available.
g) Fill out the form with the following data of the recipient:
Name of the business/charity: Asociacion Argentina de Astronomia
Tax Id: CUIL/CUIT: 30709681199
Account number (CBU): 0070172920000012157633
h) If you are going to use bank transfer (not cards), TranferWise will then give you some important information about the TransferWise account and some reference numbers that you should copy in order to accomplish the next step.
i) If paying with bank transfer, go to your bank account and do a (local) bank transfer to your TranferWise account using the data you’ve just copied.
  • Method 2
The traditional bank transfer is full of taxes and commissions and disadvantageous exchange rates. Your bank may also charge you taxes and/or commissions, depending on the bank policy.
The data that needs to be given to your bank are the following:
Beneficiary Address: Observatorio Astronómico – Paseo del Bosque s/n
Beneficiary City, Country:  La Plata, Argentina
Beneficiary CUIT/CUIL Number: 30709681199
Bank Swift Code:  GABAARBAXXX
Bank Name: Banco de Galicia y Buenos Aires SA
Account Number: 12157-6 172-3
Bank’s city, country: La Plata, Argentina
International Intermediary Bank (USD)
Bank Swift Code: PNBPUS3NNYC ABA 026005092
Bank Account Number: 2000192261221
International Intermediary Bank (EUR)
Bank Swift Code: UNCRITMM
Bank Account Number: 0995 8321100
City, country: Milano, Italy
IMPORTANT: Please request your bank to fill the Remittance Information (Field #70 in the standard MT103 SWIFT format) with the code: P08 (P-zero-eight).
When making the payment using either method, you are asked to send us an email to in order to complete the registration. If you require an invoice, please let us know in such email.
To access the discounts per student, you must also send a certificate proving this condition. For PhD students, a note from their director is sufficient to certify the condition.
Last but not least, IF THE TRANSFER CORRESPONDS TO THE REGISTRATION PLUS SOME EXTRA ACTIVITIES, PLEASE SEND US ALSO THE DETAILS WITHIN THE EMAIL (e.g. «The amount transferred corresponds to the registration, reservation for two for the eclipse activity and one hardback volume of the proceedings»).


  • Method 3
Of course, if you know someone close to you in Argentina, you may ask him/her to make a local payment and then refund the money. In such case, you are requested to send us an email to with the details of your local contact.