Related Events


 Total Solar Eclipse – Not cancelled, of course!
December 14, 2020


 Galaxy Forum- VIRTUAL
TUESDAY – December 8
18:00 – 20:00 UTC

The International Lunar Observatory Association  invites to participate of the first Galaxy Forum in Argentina the day before the IAUS367. 

The tentative title of the Galaxy Forum is “Aquarius Equinox Epoch, Precession History and Big Data Analysis of Astronomical Data.” The Forums are free 2 – 3 hour events to advance astronomy education in the 21st Century; this will be about the 110th Galaxy Forum worldwide since the program began in 2008.



 Light Pollution Workshop- VIRTUAL
SATURDAY – December 12
18:00 – 20:00 UTC 

Turn on the Night,  Special meeting of the
Executive Committee WG Dark and Quiet Sky Protection and the Inter-Commission B7-C1 WG Achieving Sustainable Development within a Quality Lighting Framework.

Invited Speakers:
Constance Walker
Margarita Metaxa
Richard Green
Pedro Sanhuenza