Educational Programme

< Final programme: November 10, 2020 >

Tentative timeline


 Tuesday Dec. 08

Associated Event:

18:30 – 19:30 Galaxy Forum


 Wednesday Dec. 09 

18:30 – 19:30 Public Conference, Jay Pasachoff.
Title: «This Solar Eclipse and Others»


 Thursday Dec. 10 

Workshop 1 for High School Teachers and general audience:
«Sun-Earth-Moon system: Phases and Eclipses.
Total Solar Elipse on Dec.14th: How to observe it?» (2hs.)


 Friday Dec. 11 

Workshop 2 for High School Teachers:
«Didactic of Astronomy»


 Saturday Dec. 12 

Associated Event:

15:00 – 18:00 Turn on the NightSpecial meeting of the
Executive Committee WG Dark and Quiet Sky Protection and the Inter-Commission B7-C1 WG Achieving Sustainable Development within a Quality Lighting Framework.

Invited Speakers:
Constannce Walker
Margarita Metaxa
Richard Green
Pedro Sanhuenza
Malcom Smith
Andrea Sosa

18:00 – 19:00 Public Conference: Andrea Sosa (Uruguay): «Apaguemos las luces y encendamos la noche: al rescate de la luz de las estrellas en una era de iluminación artificial».

 Monday Dec.14 

TOTAL SOLAR  ECLIPSE (see related events).

Workshop on Solar Eclipses,  Piedra del Aguila, Neuquén.

Conference for the public, Piedra del Aguila, Neuquén.

< NOTE: the workshops will be given by Rosa María Ros , Nicoletta Lancano, Néstor Camino Jay Pasachoff and Beatríz García >